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Traveling on today's roads and highways is a daunting experience. Everything from routine maintenance to natural events can significantly impact state and national roadways. Safeguarding your investment with our technological expertise is our mission. Across the lower 48 States, Alaska and Canada, our DMS (Dynamic Message Sign) line of products provide signaling platforms of various sizes and applications that support local, state, and federal authorities that focus on safety and security. Whether it's regulating speed, indicating sharp turns, or lane closures up ahead, our intelligent transportation signs will support safe travel for all motorists. From the design phase through to maintenance, your municipality will enjoy the ease of process and value-based, on-time work.

Since 2009, SESA has successfully retrofitted over 1000 DMS across the United States.
From fiberoptic to hybrid, from flip disk to LED, we have successfully upgraded 7 different brands and more than 20 DMS types throughout the US from Alaska to Florida.
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