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Blank-Out Signs 

Explore the next level of road safety with Sunrise SESA Technologies' Blank-Out Signs. These signs utilize powerful LED lights to ensure highly visible messages in all weather conditions, reducing unsafe driver behaviors and improving overall safety. Following MUTCD standards, Sunrise SESA Technologies offers a wide array of choices for tailored traffic management solutions. This guarantees smooth integration into current infrastructure, resulting in a safer and more efficient driving environment for all.


Full Matrix FMX 

Sunrise SESA Technologies incorporates cutting-edge Full Matrix FMX technology into its Blank-Out Signs, revolutionizing electronic traffic signage. This technology empowers the signs with unparalleled flexibility, showcasing a diverse array of messages, symbols, and graphics.

Full Matrix FMX employs numerous individual LED pixels within each sign, arranged in a matrix grid. These pixels function independently, enabling the generation of dynamic and adaptable content. Unlike traditional fixed messages, Full Matrix FMX facilitates the presentation of complete text, arrows, graphics, and animations. This capability empowers traffic managers to deliver real-time, intricate instructions to drivers.


Lane Control

Sunrise SESA Technologies' Lane Control Signs use advanced LED tech to optimize traffic flow. These signs dynamically manage lanes, adapting to changing conditions for safer driving. Customizable displays enhance efficiency, reducing congestion and improving safety on highways, expressways, and urban streets.

Our commitment: efficient, intelligent Lane Control Signs. With energy-efficient LED tech and seamless integration, we set new standards for reliable, eco-friendly transportation. Experience the future of traffic control with Sunrise SESA Technologies and drive confidently toward safer, greener transportation.

Toll Booths

Our Toll Booth Lane Control Signs are equipped with Full Matrix FMX technology, allowing traffic management authorities to dynamically control and adjust toll lanes based on real-time traffic conditions. With customizable lane configurations and clear instructions displayed on these signs, drivers can quickly identify the correct lanes for their vehicles, reducing confusion and minimizing delays during peak hours.

Blank Out Signs provide essential messages and directions to drivers approaching toll plazas. These signs use powerful LED illumination to display lane-specific information, such as toll rates, payment methods, and traffic updates, ensuring drivers are well-informed and prepared for a seamless toll booth experience.


Sunrise SESA Technologies offers versatile LED panels for displaying MUTCD symbols. Single-phase displays show one symbol, while multiphase displays allow 2+ symbols from pre-defined combos or custom choices.

Lane Control Symbols come in 12" or 18", featuring 'X' for closed and green arrow for open lanes. "Merge right" and "merge left" symbols are being considered.

Custom solutions include non-MUTCD signs. While adhering to MUTCD for image messages, customers customize text, symbol size, and positioning. Sunrise SESA Technologies aims to create unique, tailored solutions.


Weight Station for Trucks

Our Blank-Out Signs prove indispensable in optimizing Weight Stations for trucks at Sunrise SESA Technologies. These signs employ advanced LED technology to convey crucial weight-related information with exceptional clarity. By displaying specific weight limits and status updates, these signs ensure efficient traffic flow through the Weight Stations, enhancing compliance and safety for both truck drivers and other road users. The dynamic nature of Blank-Out Signs enables real-time adjustments, accommodating changing weight restrictions or station availability. With their ability to communicate precise details at a glance, our Blank-Out Signs play a pivotal role in streamlining truck operations while promoting roadway safety and adherence to regulations.

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Progressive Technology

Our products offer numerous features and benefits that are unique to our industry and our innovative design process.

Need-based Customization

We sell solutions. Our team is ready to study your specific needs and develop a solution that meets you where you are.

Cloud Options

Choose from cloud hosting software only or a bundled hardware solution. 

Testing for Quality

All of our products are fully factory tested and documented to ISO9001:2015 standards.

Customer Support

Technical expertise and dedication will be available to each and every client from the beginning of their projects to the end of the product lifecycle.

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Our products, manufactured in the USA, compliant with the Buy-America Act adhere to strict quality standards.

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 Safety and Protection through Blank-Out Lane Control Signs. 

We get you what you need when you need it.


At Sunrise SESA Technologies, we understand the importance of enhancing traffic safety, and our BOS play a crucial role in achieving this. Studies have demonstrated the significant improvements in traffic safety when BOS are used for various purposes, such as pedestrian awareness, rail crossing signals, dangerous curve warning, flood alert systems, and weigh station driving instructions. Check out our blog When To Use Blank Out Signs vs. Dynamic Message Signs?, for more information on Blank-Out Signs. 

Why Choose Sunrise SESA Technologies for your Blank-Out Signs:

Personalized Customer Care: We value our customers and offer dedicated support with an account manager and technician team, providing quick responses within 24 hours. You can directly contact your technician through their cell phone or email for seamless communication. Our readily available spare parts inventory ensures minimal downtime for any replacements needed.

Need-based Customization: Your unique requirements are our priority. Our teams are committed to studying your specific needs and developing tailored solutions to address them effectively.

Industry-Leading Energy Efficiency: We take sustainability seriously and ensure our BOS have 30% lower power consumption compared to the industry average. Additionally, we offer a range of solar-powered solutions for greener alternatives.

Innovative and Progressive Technology: Embrace the future with our cutting-edge technology. Our BOS come equipped with numerous unique features and benefits, setting us apart as leaders in the industry.

Testing for Quality: Quality and reliability are at the heart of our products and services. Each of our products, whether new or spare parts, undergoes rigorous factory testing to guarantee exceptional performance.

Discover the ultimate road safety solutions with Sunrise SESA Technologies' Blank Out Signs. Join us in creating a safer, efficient, and technologically advanced transportation environment for all.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Blank-Out Signs


What are Blank-Out Signs (BOS)?

Blank-Out Signs are electronic traffic signs that use LED technology to display specific messages, symbols, or information to drivers, guiding them with essential instructions on the road..

How do Blank-Out Signs work?

Blank-Out Signs work by illuminating LEDs to display pre-programmed messages or symbols, such as lane closure information, speed limits, or hazard warnings. The messages can be easily updated or changed remotely to suit changing traffic conditions.

What are the benefits of using Blank-Out Signs?

Blank-Out Signs enhance road safety by providing clear and real-time information to drivers, reducing the likelihood of accidents and improving overall traffic flow. They also offer flexibility in conveying different messages, contributing to more efficient traffic management

Can Blank-Out Signs be integrated with existing traffic management systems?

Yes, Blank-Out Signs can be integrated into existing traffic control and management systems. They are often compatible with standard communication protocols, making the integration process seamless.

Are Blank-Out Signs compliant with traffic regulations and standards?

Yes, reputable manufacturers ensure their Blank-Out Signs meet the necessary traffic regulations and standards, such as those defined by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) in the United States.


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